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Slovenia is not Slovakia ! Slovenia is unknow THE JEWEL in Europe. The country is mutch smaller than the Netherlands and has 1.600.000 inhabitants.Located just under Austria and alongside Italy,southwest of Hungary and northwest  Croatia. One of the cleanest , greenest and safest countries insite Europa. A country of wellness(spas with naturel spring water)pristine nature,mountains,coast,hills and plateaus. A country to enjoy life,the land of fine wines and good food. A treu paradise for lovers of peace/natur,(outdoor)sports .Very accessible by two international airports, whitch also Low Budget operation(Ryan Air-Trans Avia- Air Adria), a harbor and an exelentinfra structure. The population is very hospitable, open ,social and honest. The Euro iscurrency. Slovenia, including a welcoming population thatb highly educated and controles its languages , English/ german. The price level is called more than benefical  and makes it that this country is an ideal holiday destination.

After seeing below, you will probably get a whole new and perhaps more positive about this magical beautiful part of Europ.We invite you to come visit Slovenia !


There are several direct flights from the UK to Slovenia (Ljubljana airport) and there are also cheap direct flight to Graz in Austria, which is one hour from Maribor, or to Trieste in Italy, which is about one hour from Ljubljana. At the airport, cars can be rented. The train is also a great option to explore Slovenia.

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Eating and costs

In Slovenia it is quite cheap to eat out. The currency is euro. There are a lot of restaurants, pizzeria's and gostilna's. The latter are traditional local inns where you can get a good meal.


Hikers can find peace in the quietness of the mountains. Slovenia has so much nature that you can really get into you sport, be it mountain-climbing, skiing, cycling, canooing, sailing, fishing, hunting, playing golf or horse-riding, and enjoy the great outdoors.


The country is great for wine. Almost everywhere you go, you will see the vines grow. There are 3 different wine-regions: Primorska, Posavska en Podravska, which themselves are again divided into 14 wine-districts, whereby every district has it's own specific characteristics. There are many vinotoc's where you can go for some wine-tasting.

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